SNAPshops Manual Volume 1 Download now Available!

Hi Guys!

I tell ya…. I HATE the manuals that come with cameras.  Even I don’t always understand what I’m reading.  I’m like, “IN ENGLISH, DOCTA!”.  They are always so packed with so much stupid stuff that I finally say “screw it” and toss it aside.  And the verbiage is always techie-lingo, very hard to understand.  And most importantly, there are a lot of features that I will never use and so I am just wasting my time learning about them.  Hence Volume 1 of my SNAPshops workbooks:  Your Camera & YOU 🙂   (I gave it a cheesy title, but trust me, it’s got all the stuff you oughtta know about your camera and I leave out all the junk that you DONT need to know.  In perfect English (except for the fact that I have never been able to spell “Sillowette”.  (see!)

This is EXACTLY what the book looks like.  😉

OK, not really.  It’s a download, silly!  But it’s got awesome sample photos, diagrams of a typical camera, and explanations on all of the features that I think YOU need to know about!

Future volumes include more on shooting technique, lighting, and more.

I have priced this volume at $10 bucks.

But guess what!  You can change the price.  Don’t tell my boss.  Just highlight the $10.00 in your shopping card and put whatever you want to pay in there.  If you want to pay $5 bucks, I’m OK with that.  I know that some of my readers only get SO MUCH allowance every week.  😉  Or if your name is P-Diddy or Steve Jobs or Obama, or Tiger Woods… (Forget it Tiger, I don’t want your stinkin’ money!) 😉 you can pay more.  There is a minimum of $5.00 and a maximum of $1.4 Billion.  Depending on what you feel like spending.  🙂

Buy the paperless version and download now!

Stay tuned for more volumes!!!

3 Responses to “SNAPshops Manual Volume 1 Download now Available!”
  1. kat says:

    I just bought it!
    Can’t wait to use my new SKILLS in Miami!

  2. Dad says:

    Very funny – and a lot of fun for your readers! Only one mistake… you probably shouldn’t have dissd Tiger – he’s looking for a new career and might have paid the $1.4 Billion. You would have only had to sell a few at that price! Seriously – good work,Mark

  3. Dad says:

    Hey… it wouldn’t accept my payment for $1.4 Billion!

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