WPPI, Las Vegas, MGM

I’ll be heading off to Las Vegas here in a little over a week to give a presentation at the world-famous WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International. This will be my 5th year speaking at the trade-show convention and I’m looking forward to it as usual! I’ll be giving a two-hour “Master Class” presentation to … Continue reading

SNAPshops Manual Volume 1 Download now Available!

Hi Guys! I tell ya…. I HATE the manuals that come with cameras.  Even I don’t always understand what I’m reading.  I’m like, “IN ENGLISH, DOCTA!”.  They are always so packed with so much stupid stuff that I finally say “screw it” and toss it aside.  And the verbiage is always techie-lingo, very hard to … Continue reading

Don’t forget to make prints!

It breaks my heart that people don’t seem to make prints anymore!  Don’t just toss your images onto a hard drive!  Make prints!  Frame them!  Be proud of them! I took this photo just a couple weeks ago with my cheapo camera.  Now it’s matted and framed and looks beautiful in my pad!  I have … Continue reading

Vacation Pics! Huntington Beach, CA (in about an hour) Tip: Photographing Amazing Sunsets

I just returned from a GREAT trip out to Huntington Beach, CA where I ran the Surf City Half-Marathon with my good friend and fellow photographer, Jim Kennedy. Monday afternoon I looked outside and saw that the sun was about to set. Realizing it was my last day in beautiful Huntington Beach, I dropped everything, … Continue reading

Blast from the Past: My First SNAPshop, 2008!

My first ever SNAPshop was two years ago: a three-hour private lesson here in Denver and let me tell you it was nice, even for me to just walk around the streets of good old Downtown Denver and just photograph this place I call “home”.  Back then my SNAPshops were a lot more comprehensive, aimed … Continue reading