Urban Field Trip: Denver DSLR 101

Had a great DSLR 101 class today and it was great to see my students come in, all with their cameras on the green “auto” setting and transforming them into fully Manual shooters by the end of our 2-hour urban field trip! We also found a lost wallet and iPhone 4 at Union Station, got … Continue reading

Welcome SNAPshops BOISE!!!

Boise Groupon Members, I am so excited to be expanding SNAPshops…in more ways than one. First a whole new city…BOISE! Secondly, although SNAPshops has always applied to DSLR camera users, we have decided to offer classes dedicated to both Point & Shoot photographers as well as DSLR photographers. Additionally, SNAPshops will be offering online Photoshop classes … Continue reading

Featured Student Image, And our OCTOBER Schedule is UP!

First, if you have asked for my October Schedule, I am happy to say that it’s UP!  Please click on “UPCOMING SNAPSHOPS” to see what we have going on this October. I want to thank EVERYONE who has submitted images from your classes!  I know it seems like not a lot is going on here … Continue reading

Evoking Emotion

I was recently poking around on YouTube and came across this awesome video, a promotional trailer for Telluride, Colorado. It’s a compilation of live stills. Meaning the camera never moves with the subject. It’s shot in video, but photographed like a still. Notice the different angles the photographers used to make this video. Notice the … Continue reading