WPPI, Las Vegas, MGM

I’ll be heading off to Las Vegas here in a little over a week to give a presentation at the world-famous WPPI, Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International. This will be my 5th year speaking at the trade-show convention and I’m looking forward to it as usual! I’ll be giving a two-hour “Master Class” presentation to other pro photographers covering a fresh, new topic that has never really been done before at the convention and I think it’s going to hit it off really well: How to strike up trade deals with your photography.  I am going to be encouraging my PRO students to take more photos with their point-and-shoot cameras and MAKE PRINTS.  Sounds rediculous, but I have my reasons!

Prints make for great gifts, and that’s a lot of what I will be talking about both at my speaking engagement in Vegas and in all of my SNAPshops. I’m really trying to make a movement to encourage people to make more prints, rather than storing images on hard drives. Whether you use your images to make greeting cards (click on my banner there to make a free card, on me! Disregard the multi-level mumbojumbo) or canvas prints!  It’s great for networking, too.  I am always giving away prints, it reminds people that I’m a photographer and that I’m available for hire!

I have recently discovered a company who specializes in wrapped canvas prints. I got to see their product in person earlier this week at the PMA Trade Show in Anaheim and the do AMAZING work and their canvas prints are quite affordable! Check out Your Photo on Canvas They make it INCREDIBLY easy to order truly amazing canvas prints.  I even saw one made from an iPhone camera and it was pretty amazing.  I plan on using them for all of my canvas print orders from here on out.

So anyway a lot of exciting stuff going on!  I’m working on my next SNAPshops volume which will be on lighting, so stay tuned for that.  A lot of people have expressed a need to improve their working with light and I have a TON of really awesome tips!  In addition to that, I will be opening up more SNAPshop workshop dates on the calendar, including one I will be hosting in Scottsdale, Arizona!


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