About SNAPshops!

Hi there!  If you’re reading this right now, it means you have clicked the “About SNAPshops” link on my web site.  Let me guess – you’re a photographer!

If your answer was “no” or “kind of”, then my next guess is that you have a feeling that you do indeed see things differently than most people.  Or maybe you have no idea, but you want to find out.  And you want to be able to capture the things you see and maybe, someday, make a print that you can proudly frame and share with everyone who visits your home!  Or maybe you just want to take better photos of your children, or are about to head of on an amazing vacation that you know you’re not going to want to forget!

I’m happy to say that yes, even though I may not even know you…. I KNOW you can indeed, capture your mood or feeling in a photograph.  And you don’t need some sort of special expensive camera to do it.

My workshops are NOT for pros.  While I have been a speaker to an international audience at the Wedding and Portrait Photographer’s International convention for the past 5 years, and have been featured in several books for pro photographers, and even though I have been a contributing writer for Rangefinder Magazine, a publication for professional photographers…

…SNAPshops are NOT for pros.  SNAPshops are for every day people with cameras.  And I don’t discriminate to WHAT KIND of camera you own.  I own pro camera gear worth tens of thousand’s of dollars.  But it’s my $159 Canon Digital Elph that you’ll find me shooting with on my daily adventures.  And I make prints from it that has been hung on the walls of public photo galleries.  And you can too.

Not happy with your photography so far?  Are you blaming your camera?  It’s not good enough?  I’m ready to show you that your camera IS good enough for you to capture amazing images and better yet, PRINT quality for your home… in a single 1-hour workshop.

For $125 and an hour of your time, I PROMISE you will walk away from my SNAPshop shooting better than you have ever imagined.  In one hour, I’ll show you the key features of your camera, how to use them, and even better, simple tips and techniques for better framing and composition, working with light, and much more.  And if you don’t leave my SNAPshop with an image that you want to put in a frame, then I want you to have your money back.  No questions asked

So lets get started.  Go back to the home page of this blogsite.  Click on the link, “UPCOMING SNAPshops” and sign up now!  Bring a friend and I’ll take 50% off his or her session – because it’s always more fun with friends!

Ready to sign up? Simply Add to Cart

Email me if you have any questions! Thanks! mark@cafierophoto.com

One Response to “About SNAPshops!”
  1. Laury Smith says:

    there are two of us interested in SLR workshops. We are specifically interested in lighting. Can you tell me what our options are for up coming workshops. Thank you. Laury Smith

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