Are you lost?  If you’re looking for the Boise, Idaho schedule, please CLICK HERE

If you are a Groupon member, please send me THREE dates that you can make!  I have a 5 student minimum capacity.  Please email your choices to DENVERCLASSES@CHIMPSY.COM  If I have less than 5 students signed up for any of the posted classes, I will need to move you to another class.  I will always to this at least a week in advance, so don’t worry, I won’t spring that on ya last minute if it happens.

What to expect:
1 hour of camera talk and 1 hour of shooting!  It’s all hands-on, and I will help you find those important camera features personally, and show you how to use them during “camera talk”.  Then we’ll go out side and we’ll for once and for all, release that uber-creative artiste from within, as I teach you some really simple tricks for taking your typical snapshots to fine art masterpieces.  Our DSLR classes are more focused on DSLRs.  But you can totally bring your DSLR to a non-DSLR if you are just learning the basics!


Sunday October 10: 4:oo PM – Denver Colorado Point-and-Shoot class

Wednesday October 6: 4:oo PM – Denver Colorado Point-and-Shoot class

Saturday October 23: 12:oo PM – Denver Colorado Point-and-Shoot class

Saturday October 23: 3:oo PM – Denver Colorado DSLR class

Saturday October 30: 4:oo PM – Denver Colorado DSLR class CANCELED

Sunday November 7: 3:00 PM – Denver, Colorado DSLR class CANCELED

Tuesday November 9, 7:00 PM – Online Photoshop 101: BETA TEST ONLINE CLASS – Sign up at your own risk!  🙂

Wednesday November 10: 4:00 PM – Denver Colorado Point-and-Shoot Class

Tuesday November 16, 7:00 PM – Online Photoshop 101: BETA TEST II ONLINE CLASS – Sign up at your own risk!  🙂

Saturday November 20 – 3:00 PM Denver Colorado DSLR Class

Sunday November 21 – 3:00 PM Denver Point-and-Shoot Class.

November 23 – 28: No Classes.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday November 30: 7:00 PM – Photoshop 101 Online Class

Sign up today! CLICK HERE

These classes are $125 and come with the following:

  • a $40 gift certificate, redeemable at Your Photo on Canvas! That’s right!  Put your image on a fine art wrapped canvas after your class!
  • a coupon for a $50 family photo session by no other than ME!  That’s a $150 value!
  • A copy of my SNAPshop manual.  Yes, I wrote a manual, but it’s way better than what came with your camera (mine’s in English!).  🙂 A $5 value.

So you pay $125 and leave with $105 worth of goods!  Wait.  That doesn’t seem right.

Well it is!  🙂

One Response to “UPCOMING SNAPshops: DENVER!”
  1. Laury Smith says:

    I purchased two of your certificates for your snapshots workshops and had a difficult time finding a session that worked, mostly due to some major health issues I was having. I am wondering what options I have my coupons actually expire at the end of this month. They are for $125.00 each. I do have some prints I would like to put on Canvas. I am also wanting to create an online portfolio and definitely am interested in some additional training. I recently underwent major surgery that should take care of my health issues! (Fingers crossed) Could you please let me know what options I have to use the two certificates for $125.00 each. I would hate to see them go to waste. Thanks so much. Laury Smith

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