Blast from the Past: My First SNAPshop, 2008!

My first ever SNAPshop was two years ago: a three-hour private lesson here in Denver and let me tell you it was nice, even for me to just walk around the streets of good old Downtown Denver and just photograph this place I call “home”.  Back then my SNAPshops were a lot more comprehensive, aimed at photographers who already had a pretty good knowledge of photography.  This was a 3-hour class.

SNAPshops today are more affordable, geared towards everyday point-and-shooters and consist only of the field trip portion, but I now offer a cool service for enhancing my clients images who don’t have the time or money to learn photoshop!  Stay tuned for that!

Josh was my client for the day. I photographed he and Kelsey’s wedding years ago and Kelsey bought him some private lessons for Christmas. We spent the first hour talking about camera 101, basically just learning the functions of his sweet camera, then an hour long walking tour of Downtown, where we practiced a few techniques, and finally photoshop 101, getting Josh up to speed on the basics of PS.

I of course brought my camera, too.

Meet my “student”. He’s got his camera, trapper keeper, some puddin’ packs and is ready for some of my edumacations.

We can’t walk the streets of Denver without making a stop at the famous Union Station!

We take photos of absolutely anything and everything.  Like this unusual light inside of Union Station! I want one in my office.

We talked about capturing textures

And Colors… (If you can’t tell by now, I’m on a grainy sepia kick, but here are some color shots!).  Getting the most out of your colors means understanding some basic white balance settings.

Doesn’t everybody just LOVE bubble gum?!?! But this bubble gum is a little expensive! That dang economy!

More abstract stuff…

This is the famous Ski Train that goes from Denver to Winter Park. It’s a very cool train.  Using angles and composition are a big part of my SNAPshops!

A quick lesson on capturing motion (panning)

This is nothing fancy, I took it for my dad whose name is Mario and he just gets excited when he sees his name on Italian restaurants! This one’s for you, bari!

I love this building in Denver


Anyway, it was a good time and Josh seemed pretty pumped about his lesson. We covered a lot and I think Josh has a lot of cool new tricks in his bag. I’m excited to see some more of his work!


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