Vacation Pics! Huntington Beach, CA (in about an hour) Tip: Photographing Amazing Sunsets

I just returned from a GREAT trip out to Huntington Beach, CA where I ran the Surf City Half-Marathon with my good friend and fellow photographer, Jim Kennedy.

Monday afternoon I looked outside and saw that the sun was about to set. Realizing it was my last day in beautiful Huntington Beach, I dropped everything, grabbed my $159 bottom-of-the-line Point-and-Shoot camera and headed for the beach! I will occasionally mention that my point-and-shoot camera is one of the cheapest you can get. I love to dispel the myth that you need an expensive camera to take amazing, print-ready photos. Not true. Sign up for one of my SNAPshops and bring you’re crappy little camera and I’ll show you that it’s not as crappy as you think!

I only had about an hour to shoot. Here’s just a sample of what I came up with from “Huntington Beach: in about an hour”. πŸ™‚

All the image you see here can be printed nice and large and framed. My friends would never imagine they are just snapshots!

Welcome to Huntington Beach, CA – Surf City!

Meet my good friend, Duke πŸ˜‰

Have you ever struggled in taking photos of sunsets? The colors just never come out the way you remember them? That’s because your camera doesn’t understand what you are trying to to. It’s compensating your exposure by over-exposing, assuming that the sunset is backlight. So you have to force your camera to “underexpose” by fiddling with the exposure compensation function of your point-and-shoot. It’s really easy!

I took the same photo and added some texture and gave it my custom treatment to make a fine-art print out of it. This is going to make a great gift for one of my friends! I can even see printing this on some cool textured paper will make this a real work of art. Not bad from that “crappy little camera” of mine, right? It’s not crappy!

To get great silowettes (I spelled that correct, right?), again, just bump your exposure down. It’s real easy! I was having fun with sillow-wets πŸ˜‰ See the surfer further down!

This image combines composition and use of angles with some exposure adjustment. Two lessons you’ll get in my SNAPshops.

Here’s a tasty sepia shot of the sunset. No colors, really. Why not!

Again, my signature image treatments are also available to all of my SNAPshop students. Simply send me your favorite photo and I’ll work it down in Photoshop for you! SNAPshop students only though because the first step is getting great images from your camera. Once you can shoot well straight out of the camera, I can make a custom fine-art image just for you. But I can not make a poorly photographed image into a work of art. That is cheating! πŸ™‚

this is cool, too. Hmmm I want to make a greeting card out of this one. I know just who I am going to send it to:

Here’s one of my fav’s

And again, taking a good photo and adding a little spice!

Ummm can we get some of these weird lookin trees out here in Colorado, please???

Sometimes it’s fun to switch my camera over to Black and White mode

Had to stop into this very cool looking surf shop. I got an awesome mocha while I was there!

Lessons on textures are a big part of my SNAPshops workshops!

…as are COLORS

Finally I was drawn into this hamburger joint. Didn’t have a burger, but mostly I loved the marketing!

So there you have it, Huntington Beach in about an hour. So many great shots, I am excited to print some out, make some gifts and some cards. That said, I have some work to do. Gotta go! πŸ™‚

One Response to “Vacation Pics! Huntington Beach, CA (in about an hour) Tip: Photographing Amazing Sunsets”
  1. Dad says:

    Amazing work with a point and click, Mark! you’ll have to give me some lessons! Atta boy.

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