Please click on the “UPCOMING SNAPSHOPS” link (above) and sign up! If you are a groupon buyer and already purchased, please email me your name, phone number, the class you would like to sign up for, and your groupon confirmation (order number).  My email address is mark at cafierophoto dot com Thanks!  Can’t wait to … Continue reading

New Member of the Family!

I love CraigsList. So let me tell you a quick story, the very abbreviated version: June, 2009: I tragically lost my beloved Canon G7. I had had it for years and it had a lot of sentimental value. My heart broke. March, 2010: Still somewhat in denial, and with a glimmer of hope that I … Continue reading


Our first ever monthly photo-contest winner Meghan proudly accepted her prize, a 16×20″ fine-art wrapped canvas print of her photo contest submission.  This was compliments of Your Photo on Canvas! WAY TO GO!

Haven’t signed up for a SNAPshop yet? Join us!

Our SNAPshops are a ton of fun and such a better way to learn how to use that camera of yours than hunched over, flipping through a confusing camera manual! Sign up now, I am still offering them for $40 bucks!  I will be raising the prices again next month. Here’s the funny thing:  It’s … Continue reading

I recon it’s a NASHVILLE SNAPshop! OH SNAP!

Just a week before the tragic flooding in Nashville, I was out doing family photos and hosting my first cross-continental SNAPshop! I had a TON of fun.  My sister Katherine lives out there, so I had a good excuse to promote my business out there! While I was there, I gained about 10 lbs eating … Continue reading

Downtown Denver SNAPS!

Wow! Excuse the long hiatus! Things have been very busy between all the great SNAPshops, some traveling and more! I have a lot of catching up to do, so let’s not waste any time! Our Denver SNAPshops have been going great! a few weeks ago I had a nice small class that included my first … Continue reading

An exciting announcement (on a personal level)

I thought my students would appreciate this. Sorry to indulge a little on myself. But I’m excited to announce a milestone in my career. Cheers! Click here…

Print your pics! SNAPshops new retouching service!

My underlying mission behind SNAPshops, is not just to learn your cameras better or to take better, more interesting photos… really my main objective is to get people to start making PRINTS! Since digital photography made it’s debut in the last decade, people have suddenly stopped making prints. Now when you visit a friend who … Continue reading

Quick tip on lighting

I thought I’d share a quick free tip on lighting, using a sample photo that I took of Michelle, who was one of my SNAPshop students from a few weeks ago! Lighting might seem tricky, especially when the sun is beating on you! Many people assume that the best light is where the sun is … Continue reading

April Snapshops!

We’ve had a GREAT time so far in April with our SNAPshops! I wanted to take a moment to feature our students and their photo submissions for this month’s monthly photo contest! In no particular order, here are our students for the first half of April! Michelle signed up, mostly because she love love LOVEs … Continue reading