Featured Student Image, And our OCTOBER Schedule is UP!

First, if you have asked for my October Schedule, I am happy to say that it’s UP!  Please click on “UPCOMING SNAPSHOPS” to see what we have going on this October.

I want to thank EVERYONE who has submitted images from your classes!  I know it seems like not a lot is going on here on the blog, but let me tell you THERE IS A LOT going on behind the scenes.  I am working on a new web site and student community that is going to ROCK the web!  I am seriously very excited.  So if you submitted an image, fear not, as I am going to open the new web site with a really cool student gallery!  SO PLEASE, stay tuned!

This last week, Maryann Waugh submitted a great shot that I wanted to feature.  I LOVE the way this images takes your eyes on a little trip. When I look at this, my eyes want to move around, following the train tracks.  That’s what impacts me the most and I think this is an excellent photograph.  Nice job, Maryann!


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