Use your Macro, Young Grasshoppa

Last week was SNAPerriffic: one private lesson, and two sold-out classes.  Good times!

People are always complaining about all of the grasshoppers that have been in Denver lately.  I’ll take a herd of grasshoppers over a flock of mosquitos any day!  And they are fun to photograph!

In two separate classes, I pulled out my macro and got some sweet shots of these springy little critters.  After watching them for a while, I have decided that I love grasshoppers.  I like the way they just chill out, then without warning… BOING!  They just spring upwards with very little finesse.

This one sat in on my Wednesday afternoon Urban SNAPs.  On the coffee table.  I used him right there as an example of our point-and-shoot macro functions.  Check out this detail!

…And then on Sunday we had a special nature hike SNAPshop which was a lot of fun!  And there were more G-Hoppers!  It took a few tries for me to compose this shot in a way that I was happy with.  There’s nothing wrong with shooting until you get it!  It’s digital, after all.  Not like you have to buy film!

Here’s my Sunday Class:

I’m already getting lots of photos and comments by email from my students!

Devon says,

Here are my three favorites from the day. Thanks for a great class! I will definitely keep my eyes open for that Photoshop class you said you’re thinking about having. I have yet to “go there” but I’m thinking it’s about time…
Thanks for everything,

Check out these killer shots she got from our class!  Nice job Devon!  And yes, Photoshop classes are on the horizon, stay tuned!!


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