Your Photo on Canvas – Create your own today!

I’ve always been proud of our SNAPshops sponsor, Your Photo on Canvas.  All of my students, receive a $40 gift certificate when they sign up for a SNAPshop, redeemable at, which is pretty awesome!

Your images, taken the right way, even on your little dinky point and shoot camera, can become art, worthy of a canvas print.  From digital point-and-shoot to photo giclee, and right over the Internet.

There are a few canvas print companies out there, but I am particularly impressed with Your Photo on Canvas.  I have been to their factory in Anaheim, CA and it’s truly amazing.  The founder of YPOC, John Doe is a perfectionist and a connoisseur of fine art – not just some guy who bought a printer that can print on canvas.  I love how passionate he is about the process that they use to take photos from our very own cameras and turn them into works of art.  Here’s a video, from the USA Today Archives, as YPOC was featured just a few months ago.  The setting here is the actual factory – check it out!  And see if you can spot one of my images from a particular Russian Wedding that I photographed last summer: CLICK BELOW

So if you have attended one of my photo field trips and have not yet used your promotion code for your $40 credit, find that favorite image of yours now and create a piece suitable for your home decor!


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