Quick tip on lighting

I thought I’d share a quick free tip on lighting, using a sample photo that I took of Michelle, who was one of my SNAPshop students from a few weeks ago!

Lighting might seem tricky, especially when the sun is beating on you!

Many people assume that the best light is where the sun is facing your subject’s face.  I can see why that would be the obvious way to go!  But the problem is that often your subject will be squinting, eyes watering, un-natural smile, and often dark shadows under the eyes and nose.

Light coming from the side is even worse!  I purposefully positioned Michelle with the sun to the left of her.  Look at all those shadows in her face, hideous!  (just kidding, luckily Michelle’s looks are able to defy even the most awful lighting, but the shadows are really not doing anything good to this image:

In this case, we had shade, just two steps away.  Look at the even tonality we get, simply by stepping out of the direct sunlight!  Amazing!  We actually found some really nice light that was bouncing off a nearby window that illuminated her as if we had professional strobes, so even better!  No washed out skin tones, no shadows.

Come to one of my SNAPshops and I will also show you how to find those SPECIAL little pockets of good, silky light… by looking at the ground and many more handy tricks.  Just click here to sign up!

Or if you can’t make the $40 investment right now, no worries, download the manual for a donation of $5 bucks!


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