Print your pics! SNAPshops new retouching service!

My underlying mission behind SNAPshops, is not just to learn your cameras better or to take better, more interesting photos… really my main objective is to get people to start making PRINTS! Since digital photography made it’s debut in the last decade, people have suddenly stopped making prints. Now when you visit a friend who just came back from a really great vacation, they will often lead you to their cluttered office to show you their photos on their computer. To me, that’s a bummer. I really think photos should be printed, hung on your walls with pride, or put into nice albums. And made into thoughtful gifts!

I’m very thankful for the support of our sponsor, Your Photo on Canvas. They are the most affordable fine-art wrapped canvas company I’ve found, with incredible quality. I actually bypass my regular lab, who also offers canvas prints, and who I like very much… to order my canvas prints through Your Photo on Canvas. The fact that canvas prints are their specialty product means a lot to me. They are also very fast! So if you have a photo that you have been thinking you’d like to make into a piece of art for your home or for a gift, head over there right now and place your order!

Also some may wonder if I am photoshopping the images on this web site. Many times, yes! In my classes, I will teach you how to maximize the quality of the photos you take straight out of the camera. But before I make a print, I will usually apply a little “photo botox” to my images in photoshop.

I’ll soon be offering some Photoshop classes. But if you don’t have photoshop, don’t sweat! I also offer my photo botox treatment to your very own images. For my basic “pre-print” treatments, I can bring out textures and add a perfect bump in contrast and saturation to your images. Never too much, though! For $29 I can prep your image for perfect printing.
Here’s a good “before and after” to illustrate better.

This photo was taken on vivid mode with my little $150 Canon Digital ELPH. I love this shot and this would print great, “as-is”

Just a little photo-botox and NOW I am ready to print!

If there’s a shot you’re considering to print, just email your full-resolution image to me at and I’ll get right to work on it!


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