April Snapshops!

We’ve had a GREAT time so far in April with our SNAPshops! I wanted to take a moment to feature our students and their photo submissions for this month’s monthly photo contest!

In no particular order, here are our students for the first half of April!

Michelle signed up, mostly because she love love LOVEs her kitty cat and wants to take better photos of her fluffy little friend. 🙂

And here is her submission, a very cool and colorful fountain in Boulder, CO. VERY COOL!

Jason is a Pilot and has seen some pretty SWEET sunrises and sunsets from the cockpit of his plane, and signed up for my earrrrrrrly AM sunrise hike! His girlfriend bought him this session as a gift and with perfect timing as they just left for a picturesque tropical vacation! It was a chilly and dark hike up to the summit of Mt. Sanitas. Ya gotta be in decent shape for this one!

And Jason got very creative with his shot here, as he focused on the blowing grass in the foreground. Nice Shot!

Jason says: “Thanks for the great pointer today, had a great time a learned a good amount of useful information that will be very helpful for our trip to Costa Rica. I look forward to reading over your notes and getting some pictures galley wrapped. I hope to be in another class to learn more advance shooting techniques.”

Brooke came along last Saturday in Boulder, all the way from Colorado Springs! It was nice to have someone there from my own home town!

I like this shot of some heavy metal! The texture she captured is brilliant and she utilized some really interesting angles for her submission.

Elizabeth came to our Urban SNAPshop in Downtown Denver

She snapped her favorite shot early into our session while we were still having “classroom” time. 🙂 I like that she shot this in black and white and I enjoy the abstract nature of this composition. Great work!

Josh showed up with his DSLR and seemed to really enjoy cruising around LODO.

He was attracted to the urban elements of Lower Downtown, thus capturing this good shot of some local graffiti. I like the textures in this shot as well!

The following students were great to have along, we are still waiting for their submissions and will add them as they come! Hurry up guys, don’t miss out on your chance to win this month’s photo contest! The winner gets their image printed onto a fine-art wrapped canvas, 16×20! Compliments of our friends at Your Photo on Canvas!

Susy called the day before my Boulder class and said, “HELP! I’m leaving for Peru next week! When’s the soonest you can get me in!” I said, tomorrow at 10AM and she said DONE!

Can’t wait to see your photos from Peru, Susy!

Krista also came to Sunday’s Urban SNAPshop and was the quiet, mysterious student of the class, so I am VERY intrigued to see what kind of images she got!

I LOVE Krista’s submission.   Very cool perspective and unusual camera angle.  And the Sepia textures just to top it off!  Awesome!

Paula had an older Kodak digital camera, but we figured out how to get that thing to take better pictures for her! She loved playing around with the auto bracketing function of the camera!

Panuly here, brought her Casio, which she is thinking of either upgrading to a DSLR or a more high-performance point-and-shoot, the Canon G11. I say G11 all the way! 🙂

Panuly says, “Just wanted to thank you for a great class on Sunday. Definitely learned some new things and having lots of fun taking pics! I can’t wait to use my old SLR in macro!”

Nancy seemed to already have a pretty good technical grasp on her camera, so hopefully she walked away with some good tips on more creative composition!

Lauren and Mike here are newlyweds about to celebrate their first year anniversary! Congrats! Lauren was shooting with a film camera, so we might have to wait a while before we get her submission! 🙂 It was fun to see Lauren having several “a-HA” moments!

On Sunday, I had 3 students show up for our very first Saturday PM nature hike! Alana, her mother Andrea and Alana’s soon to be fiance (that’s me being presumptuous!) had a great time! Andrea came all the way out from Michigan, just to take my SNAPshop! (OK in my dreams)… but I was glad she came while she was in town! Now Alana, be sure to visit CAFIERO PHOTO as soon as Jon get’s down on bended knee. 🙂

I took a complimentary pre-engagement engagement photo of Alana and Jon 🙂

Here’s Jon’s submission:  Sweet shot!  I like the famous flatirons, soft in the background..

During the URBAN SNAPshop, I love to stop by a bar called the Gin Mill, as it’s very photogenic, but I got lost and knew I could count on the student wearing the Iris green t-shirt to show us the way! 😉 Thanks for keeping us on track, Gina!

Brian mentioned that he’s engaged to be married! Later during our class I asked him when he got engaged and he said, “From the second I got here!”. I was thinking, “hmmmm so you literally got engaged, TODAY???” but he meant that my SNAPshop was engaging. haha It made me laugh. Great having you at our Boulder class, Brian!

Ashley was another film shooter who attended our Boulder class. I haven’t seen her stuff yet but I am excited to see what kind of shots she got from Saturday!

And last, but but not least, unless you are talking about age – Alexa was my youngest student so far this year, just 14 years old on Spring Break (she lives in Indiana!), Alexa likes photographing the hot dudes at her local skate park! 🙂 Alexa’s Aunt bought her a private lesson, so we were able to really go through everything at her own speed, which I think really helped.

OK, so far so good. Submit your photos, people! 🙂
Oh, and I am always taking photos too!  Don’t mind if I do!  (here are some of MY photos from the snapshops this month!)  You can order prints, too, simply by clicking HERE (select “SNAPshops FineArt):

I love a good sillow wet!  😉

From our Sunrise Hike!

Phunky Tree!

Colors, textures, and composition.

Perspectives, aperture lesson.  Shot “wide open”

Colors, composition, Rule of 1/3

Textures and colors!

Perspectives, composition, rule of 1/3

Textures, perspectives, rule of 1/3

Textures and angles

Black and White, Perspectives

Portraits, angles, finding the “good” light



Colors, textures

Perspectives, Black and White

Perspectives, black and white

Patterns, textures, colors

Sillow wet! 🙂

Just for fun.  🙂

Perspectives, angles

Perspectives, angles, black and white

Leading lines, angles, textures

Sillow Wet!  😉


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