Our winner is getting his/her submitted image printed on your very own Fine-Art Wrapped CANVAS PRINT!  But it doesn’t end there!  Around this time next year, SNAPshops is going to host our own PUBLIC gallery at in Downtown Denver and each monthly winner gets their image on display for all of Denver to see!  Congratulations!!!

Our guest judges were Jim and Stephanie Kennedy.  Jim owns Jim Kennedy Photographers in Orange County, CA and Stephanie is also a photographer and owner of Stephanie James Couture, also in Orange County.  Together, they have founded the Kennedy Kronicles (DEFINITELY CHECK IT OUT!) and are opening their very own fine-art gallery with stunning images from around the world in Southern California.  These are top notch pros and here’s what they had to say:

“Everybody did a great job with their submissions. It was hard to pick
just one. We loved the Sarah’s sillow wet ;), I could see that hanging on
a wall in her house. Also Debra’s red white and blue.I love when
people find cool abstract images like this in such random places.
So everybody is a winner just for taking this class and wanting to
take better pictures.

So for the winner.

The winner is Megan!

We really love this shot. We are partial to images of people on the
street. When we see a shot like this it really makes us think what is
this guy thinking about. What is his life story?  Is he happy with how
his life turned out or not? That is the beauty of images like this it
draws you in and makes you want to know more about the person even
though it’s a complete stranger.”

And of course, once again, Megan herself.  CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN!  Your Canvas print of this handsome fella will make for an interesting piece in your home that people will most definitely want to know all about…. all courtesy of the great people at YOUR PHOTO ON CANVAS.

2 Responses to “AND THE WINNER IS…..!!!!!”
  1. Katherine says:

    Congratulations MEGAN!!!

    I love the photo…I’m curious as to where this canvas piece will fit in your house though. Living room? Bedroom? BATHROOM?

    No matter where, it is great!

  2. snapshops says:

    I vote bedroom. But if she wants, she can use another photo from her shoot to have printed. 🙂 I want it to be something that she really wants to hang on her wall!

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