SNAPshops Photography Classes Denver / Boulder Colorado!

What a great weekend of SNAPshops photography lessons here in beautiful Boulder, Colorado (on the Pearl Street Mall) and Denver, Colorado (Downtown Denver, AKA LODO)!

I had a great couple of photography classes and ultimately I think everyone had a really great time, which is what really counts!

The weather was beautiful this weekend! Our Sunday SNAPshop was a little chili, I had to dash into the Icehouse Tavern after our class to warm up my hands and watch the end of the CAN/USA Olympic Hockey game.

Everytime I do a SNAPshop I will be featuring my students with a photo of them, a photo from the session that they submit to me, and if they said something nice to me in an email, I will also include their comment. So let’s waste no time!

Meet my two classes:
Team Boulder: (from Left to Right:  LK, Deb, myself – Mark Cafiero, David, Sonja, Jill

And Team LODO (Lower Downtown, Denver!): myself, Mark Cafiero; Sarah; Debra; Megan

The ultimate objective of SNAPshops is to encourage students to start showing off their images in print form.  To get there, the goal of SNAPshops is to get students shooting better SOTC (Straight out of the Camera).  For most people who don’t have photoshop, or the training needed to use it, I also take their photo submission from the class and give it my own little magic to further their image outcome into a real work of art!  Every student is asked to submit their favorite image from the class – the one image that they could be proud to hang on their walls. For the record, I have 3 different treatments:

  1. Photo Botox – just tighten up the contrast, add a subtle bump in saturation and a smooth-over to take out any of the wrinkles.  😉
  2. Gallery – Everything above, plus a little dodging and burning to level out the overall tonality, maybe add a slight vingette.
  3. Fine-Art – Everything above, plus some cool added textures and other artsy stuff!

These images are entered into my monthly photo contest.  The winner of each month gets to have their submitted image printed onto a fine-art wrapped canvas, compliments of Your Photo on Canvas!!

I was going to judge them myself, but because I love the following images all the same, I will be asking  one of my pro photographer colleagues to judge and select the winner for me!

NOW… Meet my students and see their favorite image from our session!  In no Particular Order…

SONJA!  Sonja says, “Mark, thank you a million times! Jill, David and I continued our lesson throughout the day. I filled my memory card AND ran my battery out. Got many well lit, imaginatively shot photos thanks to all of your instructions; used settings I never knew existed AND had a blast. Promise I’ll print and frame many of them. Taking photos of my friends was a blast”.

Here is Sonja’s NUMERO UNO from the session.    I love this shot mostly because it makes me wonder what the face of this mystery person looks like!  Her sense of fashion is interesting so I can’t help but want to know more about the subject!  I also appreciate Sonja’s “rule of third” efforts as she put the focal point of this image over the the left third of the frame.  Nice work Sonja! I gave this image my own Gallery Treatment.

Next, also from Boulder, meet David!

David’s submission is really interesting: a close-up of an old, beat-up garbage bin!  David was shooting all sorts of random stuff, I like his eye for abstract art!  I left this shot SOTC – Straight out of the Camera.  Sometimes you get an image that just looks best in its purest form!

Another student from Boulder… here’s DEB!

Deb saved the best for the end of our class.  We eventually left the famous Pearl Street Mall and hit up the Boulder Creek, where she captured this little boy catching some dinner for his family.  In related news, I saw that little boy 2 hours later at the local McDonalds.    I like the thoughtfulness of this great image by Deb!  Also notice again, the rule-of-thirds and the abstract shapes from the old stripped down trees!  I gave this one a little Photo Botox.  Great submission, Deb!

From Team Denver – meet Debra who came out from Ft. Collins, Colorado, also known as Fort Fun!

Thanks for driving all the way out for this, Debra!  Debra says, “What a great time I had today!!! Thank you for sharing your talents
and gifts.”

Debra was totally into finding cool colors and textures.  I love this patriotic shot of some bricks!  Reminds me of our very own American Flag!  I think Apollo Ono would like to have a print of this one!  Very well done!  I gave this image my Photo Botox treatment to make it really POP!

From Boulder, here’s Jill!  Student Sonja took a photo of her and I captured her much elated reaction!  FYI this is a great class to bring a friend along to!

Here’s what Jill had to say about her SNAPshop experience: Thanks for a incredible class.  What a great head start I have in understanding my camera”.

Jill’s Submission:  Jill was attracted to the patterns found in these amphitheater stadium seats, I like the way Jill thinks, making this into a super abstract-artsy Black and White Photo.  Added a little Photo Botox to really bring out the contrast in this shot.  Love it!

Freezing cold temps didn’t deter Megan from attending our LODO SNAPshop!

Megan says, Hey Mark! I couldn’t narrow it down 😦  Thanks again for a lovely day. It was a lot a fun and very useful…can’t wait to go shooting. 😉  Keep me posted on future happenings. I am very interested!” I think she’s making fun of me because I caught myself giving some great tips on how to shoot your kids.  That didn’t come out right.  😉

I’m impressed with Megan’s eye, as well as her cool new Olympus camera!  We ran across this slightly creepy, overly-friendly, but also very interesting-to-photograph painter guy.  Megan was quick to snap this very cool portrait using her camera’s pinhole setting.  I wish MY camera had a pinhole setting!  🙂  Her original shot looked great SOTC but I felt like adding a little Botox:

Sarah is actually Megan’s sister.  So we have a little sibling battle, here!  😉
Sarah says,I had a fantastic time on Sunday and am already taking better pictures of the girls I nanny. Thanks for the pointers…”

Sarah went for a very stylin’ Sillow Wet! and in Black and White!  Raising the bar for all of my future sillow wet submissions!  😉  I like it, I like it!  No treatment needed for this one!

Finally, here is Elle (LK) who sent me her good words: “Mark, today was incredible!! I learned sooo much about my point & shoot and had no idea those settings even existed!! I have to say though that the best part of the class was that it was a BLAST!!”

Elle submitted a colorful photo to match her personality.  I gave this one my Botox treatment:

LET THE JUDGING BEGIN!  One lucky winner will get their photo printed onto an 11×14 canvas for free, thanks to the good people over at Your Photo on Canvas!  That’s a $70 value!

FINALLY… the great thing about SNAPshops is that I get to put down my pro gear and just have a good, fun time with my point-and-shoot camera!  Here’s what I got.  I am not eligible for the photo contest.  😦

This is the drain inside a water-fountain during our lesson on finding and capturing interesting textures and patterns!

Black and White of what I believe is a Cottonwood Tree!

More on textures and patterns in the Denver SNAPshops

Some color in Downtown Denver

</a></p> <p>We set our cameras to Sepia and I gave a little lesson on my favorite topic, Sillow Wets!  (Is that spelled right?)</p> <p><a href=

We set our cameras to shoot in Sepia mode and I gave a quick lesson on SILLOW WETS!  😉

Outside a bar on a Sunday Morning, we found the remnants from Saturday’s festivities in Downtown Denver… and an opportunity to test out the MACRO functions of our cameras!

My students are taking photos of interesting things like dirt, bugs, and trash!  😉

Colors and textures of these signs outside of the Gin Mill Tavern in Lodo.

We took photos of ourselves in the reflection in some windows.  Consider this a self-portrait. 🙂

</a></p> <p>The famously seedy El Chaputepec Bar was featured in the movie,

The famously seedy El Chapultapec bar, which I think was in the movie, “Things to do in Denver when you’re dead”

</a></p> <p>This guy said that he painted many of the murals you'll find, walking through the streets of Downtown Denver.  A friendly guy and great to photograph.  I think Megan summed him up well as she described him as an old Sailor.</p> <p><a href=

This old guy appeared out of nowhere.  Megan said he looked like an old sailor, to which I agree.  I’ll elaborate on that thought and say maybe a Sailor GHOST from Scooby Doo.

We ended our Denver shoot in front of the historic Denver Union Station with a lesson on angles and lines!

Thanks again to all of my students!  It was so fun to se everyone photographing so many random things!  I feel that we were all very far away from our problems and just out having a good time, living a little bit of life!  It was a ton of fun for everyone, and for me personally, I can’t wait for the next SNAPshop!  Stay tuned for more SNAPshop dates!

One Response to “SNAPshops Photography Classes Denver / Boulder Colorado!”
  1. kat says:

    That was a blast (going through those photos!)
    I hope to take SNAPshops too… maybe when you come to Nashville, or when I go to Denver in July.

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